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Is it just me, or are Pit Bulls in the news now more than ever before? Pit Bull shows are popping up right and left over the past few months and we couldn’t be happier (Pit Bulls and Paroles, Pit Boss, and the Michael Vick Project). Cesar Milan often showcases his Pit Bulls (they are his personal pets) on his show “The Dog Whisperer.” Other shows (It’s the Dog or Me, Dog Town, Dogs 101, etc.) often feature Pit Bulls in their episodes.

All of this POSITIVE media attention is great news for this misunderstood breed. Pits are amazing, loyal dogs that have been given a bad reputation from a variety of mediums (especially the media and recent dog fighting news events). If raised in the right environment, Pit Bulls are the best pets and companions!

Recently, Animal Planet started airing yet another outstanding show called Pit Boss. New episodes air on Saturday nights at 7pm (Pacific Standard Time)…and the show is even available in HD!

Shorty Luigi Rossi owns and runs “Shortywood” (a talent management agency for little people) along with Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue. The show provides a day in the life of this dedicated man and the trials and tribulations of the pursuit of his passions. We are huge advocates of the breed and proud to be part of the movement!

Einhorn Insurance is honored to be linked on Shorty’s website and do our part to contribute in the adoption process. Our goal is place these Pit Bulls in good, responsible homes. Our home/condo/renters insurance policies provide liability coverage which extends to ALL DOG BREEDS (even Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc.). Most insurance companies hear the word “Pit Bull” and immediately tell you to find insurance somewhere else. This type of discrimination is sad and unfair to responsible pet owners.

Einhorn Insurance can help! Most landlords are satisfied (and have peace of mind) when they know their tenant has a renter policy with at least $300K Liability Coverage. We can even help your landlord get a policy to make them feel even more comfortable.

Thank you Shorty for all that you do to educate and save this wonderful breed!

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