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Are you having difficulty finding Home, Condo or Fire Insurance in San Juan Capistrano 92675?

Einhorn Insurance offers affordable insurance policies for homes located near a fire hazard or brush area.

San Juan Capistrano home owners were threatened by a fire in November 2009.  This fire burned 250 acres east of San Juan Capistrano in Verdugo Canyon.  Fortunately no homes were damaged, but two Orange County firefighters suffered minor injuries.

If you are a San Juan Capistrano home, condo or property owner and want to protect your assets from any future fires, here are a few tips:

  1. Contact your responding fire station to assess your home’s surrounding area.  Many fire departments will conduct an exterior high-fire hazard inspection of your home.
  2. Make sure the space around your home is as “fire safe” as possible.  Ideally, you want to have brush clear within a 100 foot radius zone around your property.
  3. Trim back all trees or branches that hang over or touch your roof.
  4. Keep plants and trees trimmed and make sure to remove any dry branches, bushes, shrubs..etc.
  5. Flammable materials such as firewood, paint cans, propane tanks and debris should be at least 50 feet away from your property.
  6. Review your home, condo or fire insurance policy regularly.  Do you have enough coverage in the event of a fire?  The cost of labor and materials may have increased since your last policy review.

Einhorn Insurance is happy to review your home, condo or fire insurance policy to make sure you have the right coverage.  Many San Juan Capistrano property owners are having difficulty finding fire insurance due to the fact their property is located in a fire risk or high brush area.

Einhorn Insurance specializes in finding home insurance for properties located in high fire risk zones.  If you are being dropped or non-renewed by your current carrier OR you are buying a home in San Juan Capistrano and need home insurance, we can help.

Einhorn Insurance is happy to send you our customized BE PREPARED fire insurance kit.  This includes:

–       A Homeowners Checklist showing you how to make your home Fire Safe

–       A Household Contents Inventory Record booklet so you can keep a record of all your valuables

–       A DVD/Video that teaches you how to be ready to protect your life, your family’s lives and your home.

For more information, please call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644, mail us at or visit our California fire insurance page.

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