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Lions, Tigers and Bears… alternative to the San Diego Zoo! lions tigers and bears san diego

Looking for things to do in San Diego, but want something a little more intimate than the San Diego Zoo?

For my birthday, my husband just took me to an amazing rescue in Alpine called Lions, Tigers & Bears (LTB).  We met with Cheryl who gave us an awesome private tour of the property.  Cheryl told us about each animal, how they got there and let us feed a bear strawberries right from our hands!  Cheryl also showed us a huge habitat being built (several acres) in anticipation of 2 bears that are being rescuing from Oklahoma.

Lions, Tigers & Bears is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no breed, no kill, no sell exotic animal rescue and education sanctuary.  This facility is home to 17 species including Bengal Tigers, African Lions, bobcats, an African Serval, a mountain lion, a leopard and a variety of ranch and farm animals.    These animals are extremely fortunate to have found a home at LTB as there are more tigers living in captivity today than in the wild (of which most live in unspeakably horrific conditions).

This rescue is also home to A miniature donkey (Jack), a pot-bellied pig (Miss Chevious), a blue and gold macaw, peacocks, turkeys, goats, llamas, geese and more.

You can do more than just take a tour at Lions, Tigers and Bears:

  1.  Go On Safari with Raja, Bakari, Conga and all the big cats.  You’ll set up camp next to their habitat where you can hear and watch them all night long. 
  2. Educational Visits.  Groups of students will tour the property and learn about conservation and the rescue stories behind all of the wonderful animals at LTB.
  3. White Oak Wild Nights.  This is an on-site bed and breakfast offering the perfect combination of luxury, romance and outdoor adventure.  Whether it’s a family get away, a staycation or a romantic weekend, this place is ideal!  White Oak Wild Nights also offers a private chef and winning wines.
  4. Have a Party!  This property has a designated space for entertaining right next to the big cats.  The space can accommodate up to 600 guests and is great for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, reunions and group outings.
  5. Attend a Dinner and Wine Tasting.  Enjoy wining and dining under the stars with Bakari and all his big cat friends on October 1, 2011 from 6pm-8pm.  You can even win a chance to feed a big cat!


Want to help the amazing folks at Lions, Tigers and Bears?  They continually need donations for food, veterinary care (they have an on-site surgery room), insurance, nutritional supplements, toys, utilities, staff and building materials to maintain and operate the property.  The cost to feed one lion is $7000/year.

You can also help by:

–       Becoming a Member which allows you to visit the facility.

–       Sponsor an event.

–       Have your next event at Lions, Tigers and Bears.

–       Adopt a LTB resident.  Experience the joys of parenthood through a monthly donation.  You’ll get an adoption certificate, 8×10 picture, exclusive updates on your “family member” and a visit to the LTB ranch.

–       Tell all your friends about LTB!

For more information visit or call 619-659-8078.  LTB is located at 24402 Martin Way, Alpine, CA 91901.

Even small items help.  LTB’s wish list consists of: raw beef and chicken, multi-vitamins, omega-3 or cod liver oil, animal crates, heavy duty tall kitchen trash bags, treated 2×4 and 2×6 lumber, laundry detergent, postage stamps, rubber gloves, soap, large zip ties, bleach, towels, paper towels, bottled water, dry cat food and cat litter. 

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