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fancho bernardo fire insurance

The residents of Rancho Bernardo, are no strangers to California Wildfires.

In 2007, the combination of Santa Ana winds, high temperatures and dry brush areas created the perfect platform for the Witch Creek and Poomacha fires.  Alone, the Witch Creek fire burnt 600+ homes, 100 businesses and 50 outbuildings while 375 other structures were damaged.

The merging of these two fires burnt over 230,000 acres and resulted in over $50,000,000 of expenses.

Many insurance carriers will not issue Rancho Bernardo home insurance and fire insurance policies due to this area’s high fire risk.

Einhorn Insurance has a solution and provides Rancho Bernardo residents with comprehensive home, fire, condo and renters insurance policies as we are able to insure homes and properties within 100 feet of fire hazardous brush.

Einhorn Insurance specializes in finding Rancho Bernardo home insurance.  If you are being dropped, non-renewed by your current carrier OR you are closing escrow on a home in Rancho Bernardo, we can help.

Our Agency encourages pre- wildfire management and helps clients take the necessary steps in defend their property against brush fires.  Part of this prevention is to do annual reviews of your California home wildfire insurance, renters insurance, and condo insurance to make sure your home is properly protected.

We know you can’t control when wildfires will happen, the direction they will go or how much damage brush fires cause, but you can control the amount of coverage you have on your home insurance.

Our company understands the price of Rancho Bernardo home insurance is important, but we feel protecting your house from wild fires and brush fires should always be the top priority.

Einhorn Insurance is happy to send you a customized and complimentary fire prevention kit containing:

–      A Homeowners Checklist showing you how to make your home Fire Safe.

–      A Household Contents Inventory Record booklet so you can keep a record of all your valuables to obtain the maximum insurance settlement.

–      A DVD/Video that teaches you how to be ready to protect your life, your family’s lives and your home.

When Rancho Bernardo home owners (or property owners in the wild fire areas of San Diego) insure their homes and properties with Einhorn Insurance, we will donate a lunch to your responding fire station in your honor.  We believe it’s important to recognize the firefighters that protect us even when the fires aren’t blazing.

Contact us at 858-336-4644, or visit our California fire insurance page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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