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Pit Bulls and Parolees Returns On Animal Planet

Tune in this Saturday, November 12, 2011 as Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees returns for another season.


On this show, Tia, her daughters (Tania and Mariah), her twin sons (Kanani and Keli’i), her right hand man Mando and the Parolees work 24/7 to rescue neglected, abused and abandoned Pit Bulls.  Their goal is to rehabilitate these wonderful dogs so they can be adopted into loving homes.


Tia and her dedicated crew runVillalobs Rescue Center where they house and care for 150-200 Pit Bulls at any given time.


In addition to caring for the Pit Bulls, Tia is host to The Underdawgz Program which offers Parolees hope and another chance at life.  The program provides an environment where Parolees can be integrated back into society without being judged for their previous actions.  These individuals can relate well to Pit Bulls as they are wrongly judged and looked down upon too.  Villalobos gives both Parolees and Pit Bulls time to figure out life, learn from their mistakes and help each other heal from their past.


Einhorn Insurance congratulates Tia and Villobos for being the recipient of the donation won by the 1st prize winner of our Pet Costume Contest.


Tia, congrats on another season and we hope to see you, Mando and the Villalobos crew soon!  Thanks for all the support and everything you do for the dogs.


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