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pit bull insurance The holidays can be a very busy time full of yummy food, guests and decorations. 

With everything going on it’s easy for our pets to get into things when we aren’t looking.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your pets safe during the holiday season.

  1.  Be aware of loud noises and unfamiliar guests.  When pets are scared, they may feel defensive and act out.  If you have a pet that is sensitive to noise or people they are not 100% comfortable with, your pets may feel better away from all the hustle and bustle.
  2. Hide or cover electrical cords.  Cords are easy to trip on, get tangled up in or chew.  Electric shock = no fun.
  3. Keep food high up where pets can’t steal a bite.  Foods like chocolate, candy, sugar, bread, anything with raw eggs, onions, garlic, nuts, raisins, alcohol and many other things can be dangerous for pets.  For more foods on the “no no” list, check out
  4. Try to keep pets away from the Christmas Tree.  Cats love things that shine and dangle while dogs like to pee on trees (just as they do outside).  Also, if a pet accidentally eats an ornament, tinsel, a hook or anything else on the tree, this could cause intestinal issues.
  5. Make sure to monitor candles and blow them out when your guests leave.  Candles can get knocked over easily.
  6. Holiday plants like holly mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies can be poisonous.
  7. Make sure your pets have proper ID tags on.  It’s easy for a door to get left open when guests are coming in and out of your house.
  8. If you are going out of town, leave a list of important phone numbers for your pet sitter.  Include your vet’s info and the address/phone # to the local 24-hour pet hospital.  You may want to leave a folder of your pet’s medical records if relevant.


Einhorn Insurance wishes you and your pets a very happy holiday season.  We’d love to see some cute pics of your pets during the holidays!


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