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hurricane irene dog

When hurricanes and natural disasters occur, having an evacuation plan for your pets is a must!  A well thought out preparedness plan can make a big difference in keeping your non-human family members safe.

You can start by making a disaster kit for your pets.  This can include medical records (including a copy of your pet health insurance and proof of vaccinations), medication, food, water, can openers, leashes, muzzles and carriers.

Below is a list of tips that have been put together from the Red Cross, ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States and other animal welfare groups:

  1.  Just with humans, have a hurricane, wild fire and natural disaster pet kit.
  2. If you smell smoke, hear of fires or see any signs of dangerous weather, bring your pet inside.
  3. Scared pets panic.  Make sure they can’t escape.
  4. Keep a list of pet friendly hotels, motels, friends, family and shelters so you have a place to stay.
  5. Don’t wait until an “official evacuation” is announced.  Leave early so you aren’t forced to leave your pets behind.
  6. If you do have to leave your pets behind, leave a note with your contact information so rescue teams can find you.
  7. Make sure pets have identification tags secured to them with your contact information. 
  8. Stay away from windows, fireplaces and appliance.  Keep pets out of the kitchen.
  9. When there is damage outside, confine your pet to keep them safe from destroyed property, power lines and flooded/burnt areas.

10. Never assume your pet can find their way home.  A disaster can wipe out scent markers that pets use to get their bearings. 

With Fire Season year round and the recent hurricanes, these Pet Survival Tips for Hurricanes, Wildfires and other Natural Disasters can make a difference in your family’s safety.

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