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A microchip, also known as a FriendChip, is a tiny microchip that contains a personal identification # (barcode) that contains the owner’s contact information in the event your pet is found.  The chip is tiny and fits through a hypodermic needle.  It’s injected under the skin of your pet and can stay in the same location for the entire life of your animal. 

If found, Vets, Humane Societies, Animal Controls and pet stores have a scanning device that will detect the chip and pull up stored information.

The other morning, I had to take our Pit Bull Bernice to the vet to have surgery for several growths on, and under her skin.  While at the vet, an English Bulldog puppy was brought in by a nice couple that found her alone at Ocean Beach Dog Beach.

The vet scanned this adorable bulldog and she was microchipped.  Unfortunately, the microchip had the owner as County of San Diego, Department of Animal Services.


I soon learned that just because your pet has a microchip, it doesn’t automatically mean all your information is uploaded onto the chip!

I’ve had Bernice since she was 6 weeks old (she is now 7 ½).  When the vet asked me if I wanted her to have a microchip, I assumed that just because she had a microchip, all my info would be there.

The vet that originally put in Bernice’s microchip gave me an official certificate that contained:

  1. A description of Bernice
  2. A barcode
  3. All my contact information. 

This vet NEVER told me that I had to go on line or fill out a brochure to actually REGISTER her.  Just because I had a certificate with the above info, it didn’t mean any of this would come up if she was scanned.

The microchip we have is with AVID.  If your pet is microchiped with AVID (or any other company), I strongly recommend calling them to see what information is on the chip.  This is also a great time to update new information if you’ve moved or changed your phone number. 

If you are interested in an Avid Microchip or want to confirm your information, call them at 800-336-2843.  They are open 24/7.

To register you Avid ID Microchip, go to

I would be devastated if Bernice ever went missing.   But if the unthinkable happens, I feel a zillion times better knowing the odds of us reuniting is significantly greater now that my correct phone number and address is on her chip.

So I ask, are you 100% sure your pet is properly microchipped?

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