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Landlord Insurance in California  

Home insurance for Landlords in California is much different than an owner occupied or home insurance policy.  If you have a 1 to 4 unit property, Einhorn Insurance offers a competitively priced landlord fire insurance policy with excellent coverage.


Einhorn Insurance can even help landlords with fire insurance for properties in a high brush area or a wild fire zone.


What does a California Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?


The Property, Also Known As The Dwelling

The property is covered from a loss caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, damage by burglars, explosion, riot, civil commotion, falling aircraft, vehicles crashing into your property, smoke (if sudden and accidental), vandalism, malicious mischief, falling objects, weight of ice/snow/sleet and sudden or accidental discharge of water/steam, etc.


Separate Structures

Coverage for items that are not attached to the property, but within the property lines (i.e. detached garage, pool, fences, retaining walls, sheds, gazebo, built in bbq, etc.)


Personal Property

Coverage for your personal belongings in the property (i.e. refrigerator, washer, dryer, furniture, etc.).  This does not cover your tenant’s personal property; we highly recommend they get renters insurance.  This helps protect your interest in the property too.


Fair Rental Value

Rental compensation if your tenants need to move out (as a result of a covered claim) while repairs are being made.


Below are some optional, but highly recommended coverages that can be added to your California Landlord Insurance policy.



Please read below for examples of liability claims and why Einhorn Insurance STRONGLY recommends all landlords require their tenants to get renters insurance.


Liability coverage includes Bodily Injury/Property Damage and Legal expenses (defense costs including court fees, attorney fees, investigator fees, expense of witnesses, witness fees, etc.). 


Medical Payments

Covers 3rd party medical expenses for those injured on your property.



If your property is damaged due to a covered loss, this coverage repairs your home up to current building codes.


Personal Injury

Provides coverage for wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, invasion of privacy, malicious prosecution, false arrest, imprisonment, libel, slander or defamation of character.



As owners of investment property, we require all of our tenants to get renters insurance and list us as additional insureds.  An Additional Insured is notified if a tenant cancels, skips a payment or changes coverages on their renters insurance.  If the tenant’s insurance policy is no longer in effect, you and your assets are exposed!  I don’t know about you, but we’ve worked too hard to let a renter compromise us financially.


Here are a few examples of claims that were made by renters and how the landlord benefited/lost.  Keep in mind, the liability portion of renters insurance covers a tenant’s unintentional actions and the property portion covers their personal belongings.


EXAMPLE #1: Dog escapes from yard

A tenant’s dog (let’s call this dog Jake) escaped its yard to say hello to another dog being walked across the street (let’s call this dog Max).  Jake was very excited to see Max and wanted to play.  In true doggie fashion, Jake busted out of the yard and ran towards Max with great excitement.


Max so happened to be a show dog and Max’s owner claimed that because Jake ran up to Max so quickly, Max was traumatized by the incident.  According to Max’s owner, Max is no longer to compete in shows due to post traumatic stress disorder.  Therefore, Max’s owner has decided to sue the tenants.  Since the tenant has a renters insurance policy with a $100,000 liability limit, it is more than likely the landlord will not be sued as this case will probably settle under $100,000.*


EXAMPLE #2: Tenant forgot to turn off the hose

Our client decided to rent his house to a “good friend.”   Our client has a landlord insurance policy, but felt bad about making his buddy get renters insurance (although we HIGHLY recommended it).


Needless to say, the tenant accidentally left the hose running and decided to go out of town.  A week later, the tenant came home to a flooded house and basement.  The landlord is now forced to make a claim on his policy.  If the tenants had renters insurance, they could have made the claim leaving the landlord claim free. Additionally, all of the tenant’s personal property would have been covered with renters insurance.  Unfortunately, the tenants now have damaged furniture, electronics, computers, etc and will not be compensated because they never had renters insurance.


EXAMPLE #3: Candles and Dinner Parties Don’t Mix

This renter had a little dinner party and after a few cocktails, forgot to blow out the candles.  The tenant woke up to a lovely fire in the dining area.  The fire didn’t damage the entire property and fortunately this landlord required his renter to have insurance. 


The renter was able to make a claim and his renters insurance not only covered the damage to the property, but also covered expenses of living elsewhere while the property was being repaired.


For more information on Landlord Fire Insurance in California, call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-464, visit or email us at  As landlords, we understand how important it is to protect you, your family and the assets you worked so hard to acquire.

*Dog liability coverage may not be for all breeds.



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