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Thanksgiving is a great time to share with family, friends and pets.  The food is delicious and who wouldn’t want to share with our 4-legged friends?


It’s OK to share, just make sure you are giving your animals the right foods.

–      If you feed your pets Turkey, make sure it is fully cooked, boneless and give them as little fat/gristle as possible.

–      Keep spices off the Turkey.  Some spices have essential oils and resins that can upset your pet’s stomach.  Sage is one of these.

–      Keep portions you give pets small.  Too much food can cause diarrhea or an inflammatory condition of the pancreas called pancreatitis.


There are specific foods that pets should always stay away from, but those listed below are more popular during Thanksgiving:

–      Sage

–      Chocolate

–      Candy or anything with sugar

–      Bread Dough or ANYTHING with raw eggs

–      Onions

–      Garlic

–      Macadamia nuts

–      Raisins or Grapes

–      Rich or Spicy Foods

–      Alcohol


If you’d like to read about other foods that could be dangerous for your pet, visit


Einhorn Insurance wishes you a great Thanksgiving.  Our CBOs (Chief Barking Officers) Bernice and Neera wish your 4-legged family members a happy and safe Thanksgiving too!

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