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SNAP, Spay Neuter Action Project, is a local, grassroots animal welfare charity that offers reduced-rate and low cost spay/neuter services for low income pet owners and caretakers of feral/stray cats.

Many SNAP volunteers do rescue and/or are shelter volunteers so they recognize that a major issue at all of the open admission shelters is the HUGE number of Pit Bulls and Pit mixes. It’s estimated that 30-50%+ of dogs in shelters are either Pits or Pit mixes. To combat this overrepresentation, SNAP is holding periodic Pit Bull spay/neuter clinics throughout San Diego County in their Neuter Scooters. Last Sunday was the first all large dog clinic and 27 dogs were fixed in Chula Vista. The next large pit bull clinic will be in January in the mid city area.

To incentivize owners, SNAP has reduced their regular very low dog spay/neuter fees for owners of Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweilers or mixes for male or female dogs to $20. In addition, dogs over 4 months receive a free rabies vaccine if due and a free one year license if living in the Chula Vista County of San Diego, Vista and Oceanside. Additional sponsorship is available on a case-by-case basis.

SNAP’s two Neuter Scooters are fully equipped mobile spay/neuter clinics with an exceptional (paid) professional staff. The clinics travel to low income neighborhoods where their services are most needed. The Neuter Scooters also serves as an educational resource for children and adults -providing that all-important information on the real responsibilities of pet ownership, in both English and Spanish. SNAP’s humane educator, Derell, also teaches 10-15 workshops per week, primarily in high animal control service areas, reaching the hearts and minds of hundreds of kids every week.

You can obtain information and see if you qualify for the Neuter Scooter at For those who do not qualify for the Neuter Scooter, there are very affordable spay/neuter resources available in San Diego County. SNAP can refer you to a veterinarian offering reduced spay/neuter fees which are well under the often quoted $200-$500 cost.

Since SNAP is funded through grants, private donations, and corporate sponsorships, they depend on you for donations!!!! Plus, SNAP and the Feral Cat Coalition are joining forces to establish a MUCH NEEDED resource to San Diego County- the Spay Station, a high volume (100+/day) clinic dedicated to assisting low income families and qualified rescue groups exiting homeless animals from San Diego’s shelters.

To donate by check or money order, please mail your donation to SNAP, PO Box 1373, La Jolla CA 92038 or call (619) 525-3047 or select Pay Pal on SNAP’s website.

What else can you do to be a responsible pet owner? You can make sure you have the right home or renters insurance policy that provides liability coverage for you and your dogs. Almost 1/3 of home or renters insurance claims are dog related with a majority of dog bites caused from UNNEUTERED MALE DOGS. Neutering your male dog can significantly reduce the chance of having any issues.

Renters or home insurance can provide you coverage far beyond dog bites. Let’s say you have a very excited dog and they jump up on someone to say hello, but that person was caught off guard and fell backwards. If that person hits their head on the ground or hurt themselves in any way, your home/renters insurance would cover this incident. The best thing about having the proper liability coverage for your dog is that it follows you all over the world. So, if you are at the dog park, walking on the beach or vacationing in China, you’re covered!!!

Einhorn Insurance provides home and renters insurance to owners of “dangerous or blacklisted” dog breeds. They can help you get liability insurance to cover your Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Staffordshire Terrier…etc, provided your dog doesn’t have a documented history of biting. Mention SNAP and Einhorn Insurance will donate $20 for every policy you purchase!

Now that you have all this great info, be proactive!!! Help avoid overpopulation and be a responsible pet owner.

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