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Pet Insurance for LandlordsEinhorn Insurance offers Landlord Insurance when tenants own a Pit Bull or any other breed.*

Responsible dog owners make the best tenants!  They are usually very grateful for the opportunity as so many other landlords have said “no.”

We have tenants in several properties and love renting to responsible dog owners (especially if they own Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds…etc).  We’ve never had a problem with getting rent on time from our tenants with dogs.  I wish we could say the same thing about our non-dog owners.

If you own a condo or your property is in a PUD, check the CC&Rs to make sure there aren’t any weight, breed or pet restrictions.

What is covered by a Landlord Policy?

A Landlord Policy provides different coverages than an Owner Occupied or Home Insurance Policy.


Your property is covered from a loss caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, damage by burglars, explosion, riot, civil commotion, vehicles crashing into your property, smoke, vandalism, malicious mischief, falling objects & a sudden or accidental discharge of water.


Provides coverage for items that aren’t attached to the property, but are within property lines (detached garages, fences, sheds, swimming pool, plants, gazebo, built in BBQ, retaining walls, etc.)


Coverage for your items in the property (refrigerator, washer, dryer, flat screen TVs, patio furniture, etc).

FAIR RENTAL VALUE (also known as Loss of Rent)

Covers rent loss if tenants move out while repairs are being made (as a result of a covered claim).


Provides coverage to a 3rd party for bodily injury, property damage & legal expenses (defense costs including court costs, attorney fees, investigator fees & expense of witnesses).

Optional Coverages Available

  • Medical Payments
  • Building Ordinance
  • Personal Injury (coverage if a tenant sues you for wrongful eviction, wrongful entry & invasion of privacy)

Einhorn Insurance offers Landlords competitive rates & excellent coverage.

If you are open to renting to tenants with Pit Bulls or any other dog breed, please give us a call and we will tell you what we look for to determine if a tenant is a responsible dog owner.  It is VERY important to carefully screen any tenants (regardless if they have a dog or not).

We also STRONGLY recommend 2 things when renting to tenants with dogs:

  1.  Require your tenants to get a Renters Insurance policy that includes coverage for their dogs.  Renters Insurance not only covers the dogs, but also covers damage from so many other perils that can damage your property.  What if you tenant accidentally leaves the stove on or a candle burning and causes a fire?   Renters Insurance will pay for the damages.
  2. Require your tenants to add you as an Additional Insured to the policy.  This way, you’ll get notified if the policy is ever cancelled; resulting in a liability exposure for you.  Some renters insurance policies even extend liability coverage to landlords.

Einhorn Insurance work with affiliates who offer Renters Insurance and dog liability insurance to tenants with Pit Bulls (or any other breed).  Policies are usually between $20-$30 a month.*

If you are a Landlord, Einhorn Insurance has a HUGE network of responsible dog owners that are looking for a place to rent.

*Dog liability coverage may need to be a separate, stand alone policy in some states and for certain situations. May not be available in all states or in California if a home is located in a high fire risk area.   Landlord policies allow tenants to have any type of dog breed, but since the landlord does not own the dog, the liability portion of the landlord insurance does not cover the dog.  Tenant must have renters insurance or a dog liability insurance to cover the dog as dogs are looked at as personal property of the tenant.

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