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If you had a burglary or fire at your house today, would you remember all your personal possessions?  Sure, the stuff you use daily will probably come to mind, but what about everything else?

Keeping a documented inventory of your personal property is essential in recovering all items.  If you aren’t prepared for a fire, burglary or loss, you may not get the full benefit of your insurance coverage.

Here are a few helpful tips on making sure you KNOW YOUR STUFF!

Take Pictures and a Video

We like the idea of taking pictures and a video of all your stuff.  Make sure to go into each room, floor to ceiling, wall to wall.  If you have specialty items like guns, silverware, artwork, high end electronics…ect, take close shots to capture details and model numbers. 

Don’t forget to document the contents of sheds, garages, attics and basements. 

What if there is a fire and the photos and video are damaged?  This is why we suggest you send the photos and video to yourself via email.  If your computer, photos or video is damaged in a fire, you can always check email from somewhere else.

Make sure to review your photos and video every couple of years to maintain an up to date inventory list.

Receipts and Credit Card Statements

We know you don’t keep receipts for every item, but we suggest you keep receipts for the larger or more valuable things.  Receipts and Credit Card statements are great because they help prove you are the owner of your property.  For things you’ve purchased recently, receipts can help the insurance company determine appropriate values. 

Professional Appraisals

Many of our clients like to add specialty items like jewelry (also known as scheduling) to their home insurance policy.  Once we receive professional appraisals, we scan them into our system to help you maintain records.  By scheduling your jewelry, you can be covered for fires, theft and mysterious disappearance.

You can also get appraisals for art, antiques, furs, collections of any kind or for items you don’t have a receipt for. 

If you have more questions or need additional tips on how to make sure you can fully recover your personal property at the time of a loss, please contact Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 or visit

We encourage you to fax or email us your declaration page of your home insurance (the page that shows you all your coverages), as we are happy to provide you with a complementary evaluation. 

Imagine, you just got home from work and your house was in a terrible fire.  You aren’t going to call your insurance agent and ask, “How much am I paying for insurance?”   Your first question will most likely be, “am I covered?” 

We realize you are bombarded with insurance companies advertising “low cost” or “cheap” insurance.  We value a competitively price home insurance policy, but our #1 priory is to make sure you are properly covered.

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