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The residents of Spring Valley are no strangers to fires.  As more fires break out, Spring Valley and La Presa residents may find it difficult to find home insurance. 

The following three fires took place within the past year:

In September of 2010, flames came within yards of dozens of homes as a “human caused” brush fire threatened Spring Valley.  As strong wind conditions were present, it only took minutes for this fire to burn 50-60 acres.  With the help of 4 helicopters and 90 Firefighters, the fire was stopped and only 1 home experienced about $60,000 of damage.

The second fire was in June of 2010 where a 5 acre brush fire broke out on Dictionary Hill and was caused by someone that was clearing weeds.  Fortunately, Firefighters from San Miguel, El Cajon, La Mesa and Cal Fire responded to the blaze immediately and were able to contain the fire in about an hour.

The third recent fire occurred in July 2010 in an area called Canary Hill.  Although homes in this neighborhood were evacuated, the fire was quickly contained to 4 acres. 

Spring Valley is located 11 miles East of San Diego and is made up of the following smaller communities: Casa De Oro, Rancho San Diego, La Presa, Dictionary Hill, Mt. Helix and Bancroft.  According to most insurance companies, these areas of Spring Valley are located in a wildfire area or high brush area.  Due to the exposure to these high fire regions, many insurance carriers have stopped writing policies for these homes or charge higher premiums to make up for the risk.

Einhorn Insurance offers fair premiums and can provide you with home insurance in Spring Valley, Casa De Oro, Rancho San Diego, La Presa, Dictionary Hill, Mt. Helix and Bancroft.  We know your local Firefighters work hard and Einhorn Insurance wants to show them our appreciation. If you live in Spring Valley and insure your home with Einhorn Insurance, we will donate a lunch in your name to your responding fire station.  If anyone deserves a “free lunch,” we believe it’s the men and women that help protect our families, homes and properties.

Call Einhorn Insurance today for home, condo, fire or property insurance in Spring Valley 91977 and 91978.

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