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Are you having trouble finding home insurance or fire insurance because you’ve made a few home insurance claims?


Einhorn Insurance can help home owners, landlords and renters get home insurance or fire insurance if you have made a few claims.


As long as you haven’t made more than 4 claims in the past 3 years, we can help.  Regardless of the amount of the claim, we can still help.


For example, we just issued a home insurance policy for someone that had a water damage claim in 2009 with a payout of $608,826.  This same client had another claim in August 2011 for $7200.  We wre able to provide them with a home insurance policy.


We can even help you get home insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance and Ho-6 insurance if you have made a dog bite claim.


No need to call California Fair Plan!  Call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644, email us at or visit