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wild fire home insurance

Many home owners throughout California have difficulty finding home insurance when owning property in high brush areas or wildfire areas.

Over the past decade insurance companies have taken a beating due to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires.  The unexpected amount of claims has caused insurance carriers to take another look at which geographical areas they will and won’t insure.  Therefore, neighborhoods in high brush regions or high wild fire areas have become especially concerning.

So what do insurance companies consider “brush” in these wildfire areas?

Brush is any live or dead bushes, shrubs, thicket, trees or other vegetation near your home or property.  This brush can potentially light on fire, burn and/or fuel a wildfire.

Vegetation or trees growing in thick bundles (especially low to the ground) are more of a threat as a fire source.  Piles of dead yard debris, tree branches, dried grass…etc are also considered un-cleared brush.

If you have a yard that is full of manicured vegetation, this is not usually a concern unless the greenery is touching the home, roof or hanging within 3 feet over the roof.

If you are having trouble finding insurance in high brush areas or wildfire areas, Einhorn Insurance can help.  Einhorn Insurance can usually insure homes within 100 feet to brush while most insurance companies won’t insure a property if it’s within 2500 feet of brush.

For more information on insuring your home, condo or income properties in wildfire areas, visit our wildfire and high brush insurance page, call 858-336-4644 or email

We also specialize in escrow closings in high brush regions and can work with your lender and escrow officer to get your escrow closed on time.

If you are a San Diego home owner in a hazardous brush zone, we will donate a lunch to your responding fire station in your honor.  Einhorn Insurance supports the men and women that risk their lives daily to keep our homes, families and communities safe.

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