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The rural environment of Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove, keeps residents aware that they live among the danger of brush fires.

With fire season year round, home owners in Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove may find it difficult to find Home or Fire Insurance.  This community’s proximity to the Santa Rosa Mountains and fire hazardous brush may cause concern for many insurance companies.

The recent wild fires have insurance carriers reevaluating the homes they will and won’t cover.  Einhorn Insurance can help you with Home Insurance and Fire Insurance in high brush areas such as Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove

Einhorn Insurance is conscious of the cost of your Home or Fire Insurance, but we are primarily quality focused.  While most insurance agents promote “cheap insurance” or “insurance at a great price,” Einhorn Insurance is more concerned about properly protecting you, your family and your assets.  In addition to making sure you have enough Dwelling Coverage to rebuild your home, we offer $1,000,000 in liability coverage and strongly urge you to consider an Umbrella policy which offers an additional $1,000,000+ in liability coverage.

When you insure your home or property with Einhorn Insurance, we will donate a lunch in your honor to the firefighters at the Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove Fire Department.

If you are interested in a Home Insurance estimate or are having difficulty finding Home Insurance and Fire Insurance in Elfin Forest 92029 and Harmony Grove 92026, visit our California fire insurance page, or call us at 858-336-4644.

We are happy to send you a complimentary Fire Prevention Kit including:

  1.  A household inventory booklet so you can itemize your personal belongings.  At the time of a claim, you may be emotional and exhausted.  This is not a time to rely on memory.
  2. A Homeowners Checklist with ideas to keep all areas of your home fire safe.
  3. A DVD educating you on your home’s location/geography of land, the cause of fires, how to create a defensible space, evacuation, what to do after a fire and where to find more information to prepare for a fire.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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