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With Fire Season extending beyond the summer months, more home owners are having trouble finding home or fire insurance in high brush or wildfire areas.  Thanks to global warming and arson, fire season is now year round.

About 40 years ago, a large fire was considered to be about 15,000 acres.  Now it is not unusual for a fire to be over 100,000 acres.

Are you confident that your home, condo or property insurance is adequate enough to replace the structure and your personal property?  When was the last time you had your coverages reviewed?

Einhorn Insurance provides complimentary insurance reviews to make sure you have the best home or fire insurance while living in a high brush or wildfire area.  Although we don’t have the power to keep the fires away, we can make sure you are properly insured.

While most insurance carriers won’t insure your home if you are within ½ mile or 2500 feet of canyons, brush or a wild fire area; Einhorn Insurance can insure most homes that have 100 feet of clearance to brush.

If you live in a high fire risk or wildfire area in San Diego and insure your home with Einhorn Insurance, we will donate a lunch (on your behalf) to your responding fire station.  This is our way of thanking Fire Fighters who dedicate their lives to protect our communities and families.  Help us show these dedicated men and women how much you appreciate what they do. 

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