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 Health Insurance for Your Dog and Cat
Einhorn Insurance is proud to offer pet health insurance through Pets Best Insurance in all 50 states!


For less than $1 a day, give your pets the medical care they need when faced with unexpected vet bills or emergency room visits.


Affordable pet insurance = affordable vet bills!  Pets Best reimburses 80% of your actual vet bill once you pay your deductible. 


For example, Buddy, a 10 year old dog was treated for Spleen Cancer.  The vet bill came to $5,955.  Buddy’s dad has the Pets First Plan with Pets Best and pays $39/mo for the policy.  Once Buddy’s dad paid his $100 deductible, Pets Best covered $4,681 of the $5,955 vet bill.  THAT’S PRETTY AWESOME!


Our Pit Bull Bernice is now 7 ½.  Like many bully breeds, she has suffered from skin allergies throughout her entire life. Additionally, Bernice has had 2 TPLO surgeries (Cruciate injury), was partially paralyzed about 2 years ago due to a fall and has had many other health issues.


We have saved thousands of dollars with pet health insurance and STRONGLY recommend it to ALL dog and cat owners…especially if you’re on a budget!


The key to getting pet health insurance is to buy it BEFORE your pet needs medical attention.  Once your pet is diagnosed with an illness or has an injury, pet health insurance will most likely NOT cover them.


Health Insurance for your dog and cat is one of the best investments you can make.


For more information and to get a quote for insurance for your dog or insurance for your cat, visit  Get a quote today to help your pet tomorrow!



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