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Flea season is here!  One day our pets are happy and then the next day they are miserably itching up a storm.

We all know how difficult it is to get rid of fleas and we’ll do whatever it takes to make them go away.  But, how terrible do you feel putting Advantage or Frontline on your dogs and cats?

When my cats see me coming (even though I try to hide the small bottle in my hands), they know what’s about to happen.  I try to put it on the back of their necks as fast as possible thinking that the faster I apply it, the less awful it will be.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  My cats still freak out when I put it on them.  Within seconds their eyes are squinting, their bodies are hunched over; one cat will hide for the rest of the day and they all start drooling. Even my 80 pound Pit Bull, Bernice (who has a very dominant personality) goes into a complete submissive state when I try to apply the anti-flea solution.  Once I put the meds on Bernice’s neck, she cowers in pain.  I HATE having to do this to them on a monthly basis!

Not only do I feel awful applying the chemical solution, but the stuff is also SUPER expensive.

A few months ago, I was introduced to a fellow animal lover, Chris, who mentioned Rosie’s Remedies.  Chris told me about a liquid product called the FLEA FREE FOOD SUPPLEMENT; it’s made of ALL NATURAL ingredients.  All you need to do is add a little of this liquid to your animal’s drinking water.  And within days, the fleas are gone!

I especially like the idea of this method because we have several cats in the neighborhood that come around to hang out with our cats.  I’m sure these stray cats are flea magnets.  By simply putting out a bowl of water with a few drops of the Flea Free Food Supplement, I can keep the fleas off the stray cats too.

I didn’t believe something made of garlic, vinegar, citrus and herbs would really work, but out of desperation, I tried it.  Within a few days, my animals were flea free and I no longer have to put those awful chemicals on their necks!!!!

The best part about this all natural flea product is that is costs $15/mo FOR ALL 3 animals (and all the strays).  I was easily paying $45/mo for the stuff WITH chemicals.  Rosie’s Remedies saves me $30/mo or $360/year!

Check out their website at  They offer other all natural anti-flea products such as:
– Shampoos (which gets rid of Fleas and Lice)
– A Boric Acid treatment for your carpet (which gets rid of roaches, silverfish, fleas, ants and other bugs)
– Insect Spray which prevents you from being bit while outdoors (can be used on small children or pets)
– An Organic Yard and Garden Spray
– A Fly Free Food Supplement for Large Animals
– A Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray
– A Tick Key (which is a device that allows you to remove the ENTIRE tick…including the head)
– An Herbal Fly Spray With Aloe for Horses
– Fly Free Garlic Powder

So, in a nutshell, here’s what I love about my new find, Rosie’s Remedies:
1.  I don’t feel like a jerk when I treat my animals for fleas.
2. I’m saving a ton of money.
3. They support Animal Shelters and Rescues by giving these organizations discounts on Rosie’s Remedies products.
4. Rosie’s Remedies promotes Adoption vs. buying from a breeder and they are firm believers in Spaying and Neutering your pets.

Einhorn Insurance is very excited to have found such an amazing product and company.

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