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As California’s population grows, we are forced to build homes in less populated areas with more land.  These developing areas spill into forests, high brush zones and wildfire areas. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created the Firewise program to bring communities, homeowners, businesses, tribes, local government and officials together to create and implement a plan to prepare for wildfires.   

what is a firewise community

The goal is to teach people how to live with wildfire exposures and work together by taking action to prevent loss.  Wildfires are inevitable; however, if a community is properly prepared, properties, resources and human/animal lives can be protected and (hopefully) spared from damage. 

At Einhorn Insurance, we work with homeowners in Firewise Communities.  Many of these residents are insured through California Fair Plan (CFP) and receive a Firewise Community discount on their home insurance policy (about a 7% discount).   

In most cases, Einhorn Insurance can offer comprehensive coverage by combining a California Fair Plan policy with a Difference in Conditions (DIC) policy.  A CFP policy can cover damage from Fire, Lightning, Internal Explosion, Smoke, Wind, Hail, Riot, Vandalism, Malicious Mischief, Aircraft and Vehicles.  The DIC policy covers items such as water damage (the #1 reason for home insurance claims), liability (someone gets hurt at your property) and theft.  The 2 policies combined mimic a traditional home insurance policy. 

For many property owners with properties in higher fire risk areas, California Fair Plan is the best option.  The CFP policy is a great choice when written by an agent that understand the policy’s coverages to properly insure a property and its specific property characteristics.  We have reviewed thousands of quotes and policies given to homeowners by other agents and were shocked at how poorly the amount of poorly written  quotes have been presented.  In our opinion, the common mistakes are when agents either don’t include necessary coverages and/or don’t offer enough coverage.   

If you would like a California Fair Plan and Difference In Conditions quote, please visit Einhorn Insurance at  Please let us know if you live in a Firewise Community. 

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What is the Primary Focus of a Firewise Community? 

  •  Firefighter Safety- Work directly with firefighters to develop emergency plans. 
  • Community Planning- Firewise Community Workshops prepare community leaders (planners, business leaders, HOA members and emergency service professionals, etc.) to recognize fire hazards, make homes and landscapes Firewise, deliver educational material to property owners/residents and implement these strategies into the community. 
  • Landscaping- Create defensible space around homes by thinning or removing trees/brush and choosing fire resistant plants. 
  • Construction and Design- Use fire resistant building materials (i.e. boxed eaves, fire-resistant roof materials, etc.).  Build homes and buildings away from slopes where the wind pattern directs a fire towards the structures. 

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Step 1: Form a Committee.  It’s most effective when this group consists of local property owners and other wildfire related individuals (local fire department, state forestry agency, elected officials and if you are in a HOA, the property management company).  This committee will define/create the community’s boundary and size.  This is known as the Firewise “site.”  Firewise sites require a minimum of 8 single family dwellings and a maximum of 2,500.  Several sites can make up one community. 

Step 2: Plan The Community. 

Community must obtain a written wildfire risk assessment from their fire department or state forestry agency.  This assessment will outline where that community is successful in reducing wildfire risk and show where there is room for improvement. Due to the continuing changes regarding wildfires, this document will need to be updated every 5 years.  Some states may even have a template they can follow (provided by Firewise USA). 

firewise community ca

In addition to the assessment, an action plan will be created to prioritize a list of risk reduction projects and/or investments for the community.  This plan will also outline actions needed to be taken by property owners and education activities that participants will try to complete within a certain time frame.  Action plans are to be updated every three years. 

Step 3: Spread The Word & Volunteer Time 

To get other homeowners in the designated site area involved, create an event to educate neighbors on which items need to be address along with the action plan that needs to take place.   

In order to qualify to become a Firewise community and remain “In Good Standing,” a time and expense investment needs to take place in relation to each home located in the site.  At a minimum, each site must annually invest one hour of volunteer work per home in that site.  If there are 50 homes in the site, each property owner must volunteer 1 hour per year on a “wildfire risk reduction effort” activity. The monetary equivalent of 1 hour of work also satisfies this requirement. 

These activities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Collaborating with forestry, fire and related experts to make the area safer. 
  • Improving and maintaining one’s home and outbuildings to minimize fire risk exposure. 
  • Coordinate projects and/or meetings (i.e. a wildfire educational presentation). 
  • Offer training/education on topics (i.e. fire preparedness or teach about fire-resistant plant species/vegetation management, etc.). 
  • Donate equipment/materials/services or lower the cost to create fire safe areas.  This can include offering equipment to help create a fire resistant community, free/low cost dumpster rentals, free/low cost compostable lawn or leaf bags, reduce contractor costs to clean up an area, provide free or discounted stone/gravel to replace mulch, etc. 

Step 4: Submit your application to Firewise USA 

To become a fire safe community, apply online ( and provide the specific details summarizing your communities fire prevention actions and efforts.  Once the application has been completed and submitted, state liaisons will review and approve applications.  Final processing will be completed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 

Check the link below for a current list of participating Firewise Communities in California.  

For more information about NFPA’s Firewise program, visit 


Alpine Meadows, Alpine Meadows, Placer County 

Alta, Alta, Placer County 

Alto Sutton Neighborhood, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Ananda Village, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Atlas Peak, Napa, Napa County 

Auburn Lake Trails, Cool, El Dorado County 

Aukum FairPlay, Mount Aukum, El Dorado County 

Bahia , Novato, Marin County 

Bald Hill , San Anselmo, Marin County 

Barbara Lane & Stanley Dr., Auburn, Placer County 

Baron Canyon Ranch/Indian Knob, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County 

Bear River Pines HOA, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Bear River Ranch Area, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Bennett Ridge, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County 

Berry Creek, Berry Creek, Butte County 

Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County 

Big Bar & Big Flat, Junction City, Trinity County 

Big Bear City, Big Bear, San Bernardino County 

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino County 

Big Rock Mesas Property Owners Association, Malibu, Los Angeles County 

Big Trees POA, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Black Bart Trail, Redwood Valley, Mendocino County 

Black Point and Green Point, Novato, Marin County 

Blackhawk/Black Oak Ridge Estates HOA, Foresthill, Placer County 

Blithedale Highlands Owner’s Association, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Blue Lake Springs 14, 15, 16 Subdivision, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Blue Lake Springs HOA, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Blue Rock NRG, Larkspur, Marin County 

Burnt Ranch, Burnt Ranch, Trinity County 

Cambria, Cambria, San Luis Obispo County 

Campolindo Drive / Paseo Grande, Moraga, Contra Costa County 

Cañon Village, Fairfax, Marin County 

Canyon Rim HOA , Auburn, Placer County 

Carbon Canyon, Brea, Orange County 

Carnelian Woods Townhouse Association, Carnelian Bay, Placer County 

Carroll Ranch, Moraga, Contra Costa County 

Cascade Canyon, Fairfax, Marin County 

Cascade Shores, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Cascadel Woods, North Fork, Madera County 

Castle City Mobile Homes, Newcastle, Placer County 

Cedarview, Twain Harte, Tuolumne County 

Cerro Vista, Applegate, Placer County 

Chemeketa Park, Los Gatos, Santa Clara County 

Chester, Chester, Plumas County 

Church St and Walters Way, Foresthill, Placer County 

Circle Oaks, Napa, Napa County 

Clear Creek, Westwood, Lassen County 

Clearlake Riviera Community Association, Kelseyville, Lake County 

Cobb Mountain Group 2, Cobb, Lake County 

Cobb View, Cobb, Lake County 

Coffee Creek, Trinity Center, Trinity County 

Concow/Yankee Hill, Oroville, Butte County 

Country Houses HOA, Camp Connell, Calaveras County 

Darkhorse HOA, Auburn, Nevada County 

Day Lassen Bench, McArthur, Shasta County 

De Silva Island Homeowners Association, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Deer Creek Southside, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Deer Park, Fairfax, Marin County 

Deer Ridge HOA, Auburn, Placer County 

Descanso Emergency Planning Group/Fire Safe, Descanso, San Diego County 

Dias Dorados/La Cintilla/Camino Sobrante, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Dominican / Black Canyon, San Rafael, Marin County 

Douglas City, Douglas City, Trinity County 

Eaglecrest HOA, Foresthill, Placer County 

East Dalewood Dr., Dalewood Ter., Fallen Leaf Ter., Orinda, Contra Costa County 

East Orange County Canyons, Silverado, Orange County 

Edgewood Cypress, Mill Valley, Marin County 

El Cerrito 1, El Cerrito, Contra Costa County 

El Rancho Loma Serena HOA, Mountain Ranch, Calaveras County 

Feather Falls, Oroville, Butte County 

Feather River College, Quincy, Plumas County 

Fir Avenue Woodacre, Woodacre, Marin County 

Flying Y Ranch, , Marin County 

Foothill Communities Association, Santa Ana, Orange County 

For(r)est Ave Area, Fairfax, Marin County 

Forbestown, Forbestown, Butte County 

Forest Meadows, Murphys, Calaveras County 

Forest Ranch, Forest Ranch, Butte County 

Fountaingrove II, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County 

Foxwood-Slate Creek, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Friends of Banner Mountain , Nevada City, Nevada County 

Frost Hill, Dutch Flat, Placer County 

Galeppi Ranch, Quincy, Plumas County 

Gazebo’s, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Glenshire / Devonshire Residents Association, Truckee, Nevada County 

Glenwood Neighborhood, San Rafael, Marin County 

Glenwood-Maidu-Charlene, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Gold Mountain, Portola, Plumas County 

Gold Springs Ranch (GSR), Columbia, Tuolumne County 

Golden Oaks Association, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Graeagle Fire Protection District, Blairsden, Plumas County 

Grand Oaks Homeowners Association, Auburn, Placer County 

Greater Alta Sierra, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Greater Cement Hill Neighborhood Association, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Greater Champion Neighborhood, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Greenhorn, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Greenhorn Creek, Quincy, Plumas County 

Grizzly Flats, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County 

Grizzly Ranch Association, Portola, Plumas County 

Grizzly Ridge HOA, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Hamilton Branch/East Shore, Westwood, Plumas County 

Harbor Hill HOA, Tiburon, Marin County 

Hawkins Bar, Salyer, Trinity County 

Hayfork, Hayfork, Trinity County 

Heritage Ranch HOA, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County 

Hidden Valley Lake, Lower Lake, Lake County 

Hidden Valley Neighborhood Response Group (HVNRG), Corte Madera, Marin County 

Highland/Hillcrest Terrace, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County 

Holiday Lake Estates, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County 

Homestead Valley, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Honeydew, Petrolia, Humboldt County 

Hyampom, Hyampom, Trinity County 

Hyatt-Blue Sage, North San Juan, Nevada County 

Hydesville, Hydesville, Humboldt County 

Indian Valley, Novato, Marin County 

Jackson Oaks HOA, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County 

Janesville, Janesville, Lassen County 

Johnsville Valley, Johnsville, Plumas County 

Jones Bar, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Jones Creek Crossing, Middletown, Lake County 

Junction City, Junction City, Trinity County 

Juniper Hill, Truckee, Nevada County 

Kearsarge Mill, Alta, Placer County 

Kent Woodlands, Kentfield, Marin County 

Kent/Palm Neighborhood, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Klette’s Pride Way, North Fork, Madera County 

Kneeland Fire Protection District, Kneeland, Humboldt County 

Lahontan Community Association, Truckee, Placer County 

Lake Almanor Country Club, Lake Almanor Country Club, Plumas County 

Lake Almanor Pines, Westwood, Plumas County 

Lake Almanor West, Chester, Plumas County 

Lake Forest, Susanville, Lassen County 

Lake Mont Pines HOA, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Lake Nacimiento, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County 

Lake of the Pines, Auburn, Nevada County 

Lake Shore Park Homes-Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Madera County 

Lake Vera-Round Mountain, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Lake Wildwood Association, Penn Valley, Nevada County 

Lakehills/SouthPointe, El Dorado Hills, El Dorado County 

Lakeridge Oaks HOA, El Dorado Hills, El Dorado County 

Lakeview Hills Homeowners Association, Granite Bay, Placer County 

Las Cumbres, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz County 

Las Ventanas Ranch, Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County 

Lewiston, Lewiston, Trinity County 

Little Valley , Little Valley, Lassen County 

Loch Lomond Highlands HOA, San Rafael, Marin County 

Logtown, , El Dorado County 

Lookout/Lookout Ranchettes, Lookout, Modoc County 

Los Lagos, Granite Bay, Placer County 

Los Ranchitos, San Rafael, Marin County 

Los Robles Mobile Home Park, Novato, Marin County 

Lower Colfax, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Lower Edgewood, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Lower Montgomery Estates, South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County 

Lucas Valley Homeowners Association, San Rafael, Marin County 

Mad River, Mad River, Trinity County 

Madera Del Presidio II, Corte Madera, Marin County 

Madrone Canyon NRG, Larkspur, Marin County 

Manor Hill, Fairfax, Marin County 

Manzanita Ridge, Meadow Vista, Placer County 

Marin Valley Mobile Country Club, Novato, Marin County 

Marinview Community Association, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Mark Twain – Sierra, Twain Harte, Tuolumne County 

Marsh Drive Homeowners Association, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Martinez, Martinez, Contra Costa County 

Martis Camp Community Association, Truckee, Placer County 

Matilija Canyon Properties, Ojai, Ventura County 

Meadow Oaks HOA, San Rafael, Marin County 

Meadow Valley, Meadow Valley, Plumas County 

Meadowcrest Ridge (Corte Madera), Corte Madera, Marin County 

Meadowlands of Marin, Fairfax, Marin County 

Meadowmont Subdivision, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Meadowview Townhouses HOA, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Merry Mountain Village, Clipper Mills, Butte County 

Michigan Bluff, Foresthill, Placer County 

Middle Ridge Homeowners, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Milford, Milford, Lassen County 

Mill Valley Meadows HOA, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Mill Woods, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Mineral and Mill Creek , Mineral, Tehama County 

Mira Monte, Tuolumne, Tuolumne County 

Mohawk Vista, Mohawk Vista, Plumas County 

Mont Marin San Rafael Park, San Rafael, Marin County 

Monte Verde Estates, Foresthill, Placer County 

Montezuma Ridge West, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Mountain Lakes Estates, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Nicasio, Nicasio, Marin County 

North Fork American River Basin, Truckee, Placer County 

Northstar, Truckee, Placer County 

Novato Chase, Novato, Marin County 

Novato Heights, Novato, Marin County 

Oak Manor Ridge, Fairfax, Marin County 

Oak Springs Summit-Woodside, San Anselmo, Marin County 

Oakmont Village Association, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County 

Old Emigrant Pioneers, Pioneer, Amador County 

Old Highway Neighborhood, Quincy, Plumas County 

Olive Orchard, Auburn, Placer County 

Orinda Wilder, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Orleans, Orleans, Humboldt County 

Outer Jackass Flats, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Pacheco Valle, Novato, Marin County 

Palm Hill NRG, Larkspur, Marin County 

Paradise Park, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County 

Paradise Ranch Estates, Inverness, Marin County 

Partridge Knolls, Novato, Marin County 

Petrolia, Petrolia, Humboldt County 

Pine Mountain Estates, Willits, Mendocino County 

Pinebrook Subdivision, Arnold, Calaveras County 

Pleasant Hill Road Association, Lincoln, Placer County 

Plumas Eureka Community Services District, Blairsden, Plumas County 

Pollock Pines-Camino Fire Safe Council, Camino, El Dorado County 

Ponderosa Ranchos, Truckee, Placer County 

Portola, Portola, Plumas County 

Portola Valley Ranch, Portola Valley, San Mateo County 

Post Mountain, Hayfork, Trinity County 

Prospect Heights, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County 

Rafael Highlands, San Rafael, Marin County 

Ranchita Estates, Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County 

Rattlesnake Ridge Estates, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Redwood Estates , Los Gatos, Santa Clara County 

Redwood Valley/Chezem, Blue Lake, Humboldt County 

Ridge View, , Placer County 

Ridge View Woodlands, Rough and Ready, Nevada County 

Ridgewood 108, Sonora, Tuolumne County 

Riva Ridge HOA, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz County 

River Valley, Portola, Plumas County 

Riverwood HOA, Carmichael, Sacramento County 

Riviera Heights HOA, Kelseyville, Lake County 

Riviera West, Kelseyville, Lake County 

Robie Point and Gold Street, Auburn, Placer County 

Saddleback HOA, Auburn, Placer County 

Salmon Mine – East Sages, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Salyer, Salyer, Trinity County 

San Francisco Boulevard, San Anselmo, Marin County 

Santiago Canyon Estates , Silverado, Orange County 

Schaffer’s Mill Golf and Lake, Truckee, Placer County 

Scott Highland Neighborhood, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Scott Valley HOA, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Sea Pointe Estates, San Clemente, Orange County 

Seigler Springs , Loch Lomond, Lake County 

Seneca, Canyondam, Plumas County 

Serene Lakes Property Owners Association, Soda Springs, Placer County 

Shasta Forest Village, Shingletown, Shasta County 

Shelter Cove, Whitethorn, Humboldt County 

Shelter Ridge HOA, Mill Valley, Marin County 

Sherwood, Willits, Mendocino County 

Sherwood Forest, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Sierra Foothills Estates, Auburn, Placer County 

Sierra Knolls, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Sierra Sky Ranch and Fire Safe Council, Oakhurst, Madera County 

Silverado Property Owners , Napa, Napa County 

Silverleaf, Foresthill, Placer County 

Sleepy Hollow, San Anselmo, Marin County 

Sleepy Hollow HOA, Colfax, Placer County 

Sloat – Cromberg – Camp Layman, Cromberg, Plumas County 

Smith Creek Ranch Association, Graeagle, Plumas County 

Spalding, Susanville, Lassen County 

St James Ct/Van Ripper/Van Tassel, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Stonebridge, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Stones-Bengard, Susanville, Lassen County 

Sugar Bowl, Norden, Placer County 

Sugar Pine Mountain, Auburn, Placer County 

Sundown; Silver Oak; Orinda View; Honeywood, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Sunny Oaks/Bayhills, San Rafael, Marin County 

Sunset Ridge Road, , Santa Cruz County 

Susanville, Susanville, Lassen County 

Tahoe Donner Association, Truckee, Nevada County 

Tam Valley, Mill Valley, Marin County 

TELLARA, Sonora, Tuolumne County 

Terraces, Sausalito, San Francisco County 

The Cedars, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

The Sea Ranch, Sea Ranch, Sonoma County 

Tiger Tail, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Timberview Area Improvement Council, Inc., North Fork, Madera County 

Toller Ridge Court, Nevada City, Nevada County 

Town of Washington, Washington, Nevada County 

Trailhead Estates, Foresthill, Placer County 

Trinity Center, Trinity Center, Trinity County 

Troy Estates, Magalia, Butte County 

Upper Deerwood Neighborhood, Ukiah, Mendocino County 

Upper Rough and Ready, Rough and Ready, Nevada County 

Upper Sequoia Park, San Anselmo, Marin County 

Via Farallon/La Cuesta, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

Volcanoville, Georgetown, El Dorado County 

Walden Woods, Granite Bay, Placer County 

Walgra Meadows, Meadow Vista, Placer County 

Weaverville, Lewiston, Trinity County 

West Dalewood, Coachwood, Red Coach, Yarrow Valley, Mossbridge, Orinda, Contra Costa County 

West end of Donner Lake, Truckee, Nevada County 

Western Drive, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County 

Western Oaks Village , Novato, Marin County 

Whitmore, Whitmore, Shasta County 

Wild Horse Valley, Novato, Marin County 

Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Humboldt County 

Willow Evac, Fairfax, Marin County 

Winchester Community Association, Meadow Vista, Placer County 

Wolf Creek, Clearlake Oaks, Lake County 

Wolf Mountain, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

Woodhaven Road, Ross, Marin County 

Yolansdale Fire Safety Group, San Anselmo, Marin County 

You Bet, Grass Valley, Nevada County 

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