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The California Escondido Humane Society is offering Low Cost Spay and Neuter throughout the month of February FOR ONLY $10!!!


You must make an appointment and animals are seen throughout the ENTIRE month of February on Thursdays and Fridays.


For more information, log onto www.escondido/ehs_059.htm and to book an appointment, call 760-888-2249.


This program is being offered a part of Spay San Diego and their goal is to complete 2012 spay and neuters during the month of February!


One of the ways to be a responsible pet owner is to neuter and spay your animals.


Thousands of animals are put down daily due to over population and back yard breeding.  Sadly, over 1 Million Pit Bulls are put down each year and the overbreeding of Pit Bulls results in animal abuse and neglect.


Did you know that a majority of dog bites and dog related insurance claims involve unneutered males?  Claims can easily reach $100,000 and a great way to avoid a claim is to start by neutering or spaying your dogs.


Another way you can be a responsible pet parent is by having dog liability insurance to cover the actions of your dog.  Dog liability insurance covers bodily injury and harm caused by you dog to other people or their pets.


Most people think they don’t need dog liability insurance because their pet would “never bite.”  But, not all dog insurance claims are bite related.  We have seen claims where dogs have jumped on people to say hello, causing them to fall backwards and hit their head.  Another common claim is for a dog to become injured in rough play.


Protect yourself and your pets with dog liability insurance.  For more information, visit and click the GET A QUOTE button.





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