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Finally, there is a pet store that specializes in dog supplies for the working dog.  Check out BlueCollar Working Dog in Los Angeles at 1533 Echo Park Blvd.  This is not a shop to buy your everyday accessories (i.e. t-shirts, fluffy collars, etc.) to improve your dog’s physical appearance.  Instead, they offer a diverse range of products including many unique, hard to find, specialty items (including premium dog food) specifically catered to active dogs and their owners. 

BlueCollar Working Dog carries Police/Protection Gear (badge holders, bite sleeves, scratch jackets, padded sticks, tugs, e-collars, scent bags, gripper leashes and lines, etc.), Training Gear (leashes, clickers, whistles, treat pouches, target sticks, choke chains, bark limiters, muzzles, etc.), Service Dog Gear (vests, ID tags, collars, harnesses, etc.), Sport Gear (starter pistols, harnesses, weighted vests, bike accessories, competition Frisbees, agility equipment, weave poles, jumps, etc.), Handler Gear (training clothes, hand protectors, etc.), Kennel Supplies (bowls, feeders, crates, crate pads, heated pads, car coolers, etc.)Their products are too diverse to list them all…you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

If you want to choose from a huge selection of healthy, natural food and supplements for your dog, then BlueCollar Working Dog is where you need to shop!  They do their homework to offer so many quality food options.  They are extremely selective and do NOT carry any foods with artificial colors, preservatives, etc.  Since most pet owners buy the same food for their dogs, BlueCollar Working Dog offers a Frequent Buyer deal…buy 12 bags of food and get your next bag free! 

BlueCollar completely stands by their products by offering a 100% guarantee on everything they sell.  They want you to be happy with the results of their products; if it’s not effective, just bring it back and their knowledgeable staff will help find an alternative solution. 

In addition, they support the police and offer a 15% discount to all law enforcement officers and 15% to all military K9 handlers.

Their products are available at their retail location, placing phone orders and very soon through our on-line store. 

Do yourself a favor and take the time to experience this one of a kind Pet Supply Store.  If they don’t have what you are looking for, I bet they can find it for you!

BlueCollar Working Dog

1533 Echo Park Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90026

P: 213.977.9042

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