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If you have an incident with your dog, Animal Control may label your dog as Potentially Dangerous or even Dangerous.  Every Animal Control treats dog related incidents differently and laws in each county, city and state can vary.

In the event your dog has an incident and Animal Control gets involved, Animal Control will most likely keep your dog(s) in quarantine.  During this time, Animal Control will conduct their own investigation to decide the fate of your dog(s).  The investigation may include interviews with all parties involved (including any witnesses). 

If your dog is deemed Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous, we suggest appealing Animal Control or the Court’s decision AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (if this is an option).  There is a small window of time in which an appeal can take place.

It’s very important that dog owners carry insurance that covers themselves and the actions of their dogs.  If you don’t have insurance and your dog has been deemed Dangerous, Potentially Dangerous or Vicious, Einhorn Insurance can help.

Einhorn Insurance can help you find insurance even if:

–      Your dog has been labeled as Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous

–      Your dog has been declared as Vicious

–      Your dog bit or killed another dog or animal.

–      Your dog bit or caused bodily injury to another person

–      Your home insurance company is cancelling you because of a dog incident or claim.

–      Your dog has a documented bite history with multiple bites.

Of course it’s best to have insurance before the above issues happen, but we know that’s not always the case.

Einhorn Insurance understands this is a very stressful time and we’ll do everything possible to help get your dog out of Animal Control.  We can provide the right insurance so you can keep your dog.

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