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Einhorn Insurance offers cheap renters insurance in California.  Our policies cost an average of $10-$15/mo and our cheap renters insurance in California is the best bang for your buck! We offer policies throughout the state of California including areas by the coast or in high brush or high fire zone areas.

We understand that as a renter, you still want to protect your personal property and satisfy landlord requirements, but don’t want to blow your budget.


Renters Insurance Covers Your Personal Belongings If:
• There is a fire & your items are burnt.
• A pipe bursts & water damages your personal property.
• Someone breaks into your home or car & steals your stuff. Yes, you heard that right. Your car insurance DOES NOT cover the “stuff” inside your car if it is stolen. Only a renters insurance policy will cover those items.

Renters Insurance can replace furniture, clothes, computers, jewelry, kitchen items, etc…..


Renters Insurance Covers You, Your Family & Your Pets If:
• You cause a fire because you leave a candle burning or the stove on. You would be responsible for the damage you cause and the cost to repair the damage will most likely exceed your small deposit.
• You’re walking your dog & someone accuses your dog of biting them. Renters insurance covers the unintentional acts of your pets both at and away from home.
• You’re golfing accidentally hit someone with your ball or club. Ok, so maybe you don’t golf, but you get the point. If you accidentally hurt someone and that person sues you or you have to pay medical bills, attorney fees or their lost wages, renters insurance steps in and saves the day.

Renters Insurance pays for medical bills, legal fees, loss of wages & damage that you, your family or pets cause to other people &/or their property.


Renters Insurance Pays For Your Living Expenses If:
You have to move out of your home because of a covered loss. Renters Insurance helps pay for hotel & food expenses until you can move back home.

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