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cheap mexican auto insurance
If you are planning on driving into Mexico during Spring Break, you must have a Mexican Auto Insurance policy! 

Your current car insurance may provide some coverage when you drive into Mexcio, BUT ONLY FOR DAMAGE TO YOUR CAR.  If you get in an accident while in Mexico or Baja and it’s your fault, you are responsible for paying for the injured party’s medical bill and expenses to fix their car.  Your American Auto Insurance policy most likely does NOT provide coveage for medical expenses or damage to other people’s cars.  It only pays for damage to your car.  Mexican Car Insurance pays for damage you cause to other people’s car(s) and their medical bills while driving south of the border.

For quick, easy and cheap Mexican Auto Insurance, check out and click the GET A QUOTE button.  Compare rates with the top Mexican Auto Insurance carriers.


You can buy a policy and print out proof of insurance right from home!  No need to wait 20 minutes at the border for a policy!

Why do you need to buy car insurance for Mexico?

If you are in an accident while driving in Mexico or into Mexico, you must have cash or a Mexican insurance policy AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT to pay for damages or injuries. Without a Mexican Auto policy, you could spend many hours (or days) in jail and your car will be impounded. In Mexico, CAR ACCIDENTS ARE A CRIMINAL matter; in the US, most auto accidents are only a Civil Matter.

Mexican Police will not accept your American auto insurance policy.  Mexican law requires that you at least carry liability coverage WITH a Mexican auto insurance policy. If you get in a car accident while in Mexico WITHOUT Mexican Car Insurance, you may face criminal charges even if you are not at fault!


Mexican Auto Insurance also covers you if your car is lost, stolen and/or damaged.


With Einhorn Insurance, you can quote, purchase and print proof of insurance on line in minutes.  Call today for Mexican Auto Insurance for your Car, Van, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV and Commercial Trailer.


Before you head out to Mexico, make sure to remember your:


       Valid Drivers License

       Notarized travel permission letter if traveling with minors without their parents.

       All up to date records of Rabies shots for pets you are traveling with.



So, if you are heading to Mexico for Spring Break and need cheap Mexican Auto Insurance, check out

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