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california vacant property insurance
Not every company loves to insure Vacant Homes in California, but the Einhorn Insurance agency does.

It doesn’t matter if the housing market is booming or in a slump, people own property that may become vacant longer than expected.

        Maybe you have become an executor of an estate with a vacant property,

       Maybe you are a trustee of a trust and need to find vacant home insurance in California. 

Whatever the reason may be, Einhorn Insurance is here to help. 

If you read the EXCLUSION section of most home or fire insurance policies, there’s a clause that excludes coverage for properties that are vacant for 60+ days. Therefore, if a home is vacant or unoccupied for an extended period, it is very important you purchase insurance as the financial risk exposure of an empty home increases with time.

When you live in your home or your home is occupied by tenants, burglars and vandals are less likely to see your property as an easy target.  Additionally, if there is a minor leak or electrical problem and you or tenants are around, an issue can be caught early rather than resulting in a major claim (some vacant policies don’t offer water damage coverage- availability depends on home’s location).

An empty and vacant property = HIGH risk to an insurance company.  This is why insurance carriers make sure to say your property is not covered if vacant for a specified period of time.

To adjust your home, condo or landlord insurance to a Vacant policy, call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644, visit or send us an email at

Keep in mind, the cost of Vacant home insurance in California is probably going to cost more than your current homeowners insurance. But, it’s better to pay a little more than have a massive expense if something was to happen while you aren’t there.

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