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What is a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP)?   dog liability insurance

Have you ever really stopped and thought about how hard you’ve worked for everything in your life? 


In today’s economy, people are willing to sue at a moment’s notice with the hopes of making easy money.  You may think it won’t happen to you, but the reality is that anyone can sue anyone for any reason.


Personal Umbrella policies give extra liability coverage (over and above your current home, auto, recreational vehicle or boat liability policy limits).  For anyone that has a family, homes, cars, boats, income properties or pets, Umbrella policies are very inexpensive and highly recommended. 


Umbrella policies are the ultimate in insurance asset protection.  They start at $1,000,000 of coverage.  Keep in mind, this umbrella policy will not provide coverage for any business related actions.


Your Umbrella policy kicks in after your home, auto, boat or recreational vehicle liability coverage is exhausted.


Here are a few examples of Umbrella Claims


  1. A neighbor or guest slips and falls on your property and you are sued.  You are responsible for medical and legal expenses.
  2.  You accidentally push your shopping cart into an elderly woman at grocery story; she falls and breaks her hip.  You are responsible for medical damage and legal expenses.
  3. You are “at fault” in an auto accident physically injuring the other party and damaging other car(s); you are responsible for medical (Bodily Injury), property damage, legal expenses, lost wages, punitive damages, etc.  
  4. You are sued for Libel, Slander, Defamation of Character (i.e. Slander).  In certain instances, this would not be covered by your Home Insurance Liability; sometimes, your Umbrella policy fills in this gap and provides coverage in case you are sued.  Each claim is unique.
  5. You are overseas and are in an “at fault” auto accident.  Your auto policy only provides domestic coverage.  Your Umbrella policy provides Liability (damage done to other people or property) coverage overseas.
  6. Your dog bites someone (that isn’t a household resident) or knocks someone down causing medical damage and legal expenses.
  7. You are a landlord and your tenants sue you for Invasion of Privacy.


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