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california tavern insurance
If you are looking for California Bar Insurance or Tavern Insurance, you’ve come to the right place.  Einhorn Insurance offers great rates for California Bar or Tavern owners.

Einhorn Insurance understands how important it is to find low insurance rates for your Bar or Tavern, but we are also focused on providing you with proper coverage.

General Liability and Liquor Liability are the standard coverages every bar or tavern should have on their insurance policy.  However, there are key coverages we recommend.  If you don’t ask, you may run the risk of having gaps in your policy which is the last thing you want to find out when making a claim.

Liquor Liability: Any business selling/serving liquor needs Liquor Liability coverage.  After being served alcohol, if a bar patron injures a third party (Bodily Injury or Property Damage), the bar could be sued for causing this incident simply because they provided the alcohol.  The bar staff is responsible for monitoring the amount of liquor to a customer.  The bar can be held accountable for the injuries an intoxicated customer causes.

Assault and Battery (also called A & B in the insurance world): Make sure to request this coverage be added to your insurance policy; it does not come standard on all policies.  By definition, Assault and Battery coverage provides compensation for medical costs (bodily injury) of a bar customer during a physical altercation with another person at the bar (customer or employee).  Often times, the A&B coverage amount is a sublimit of the total Liability coverage.  For example, the policy may include $1M per Occurrence and $2M Aggregate (per year) Liability with an A&B sublimit of $100K per Occurrence and $300K Aggregate.  This means, the policy will pay out a maximum of $100K per claim on an Assault and Battery claim.  If the claim is $250K total, the bar is then responsible for the additional $150K (after the policy exhausts its $100K sublimit).

Business Income and Extra Expense: Very few people think anything will happen to them.  Quick hypothetical: What if an internal fire caused so much damage that your business couldn’t operate for 2 months while the location is getting rebuilt?  There are many factors at play here: loss of income, other expenses don’t go away (rent/mortgage, utilities, equipment leases, insurance premiums, employee salaries, etc.).  Do you have the funds to bridge the gap between the date business stops and can be started up again?  Do you have money to continue business in another location while your previous location is being fixed?  What about the amount of time and money to get new plans and permits before the rebuilding can begin?  Consider these potential factors before deciding the amount of Business Income and Extra Expense coverage for your policy.

Business Personal Property (BPP)/Contents: Don’t forget to include coverage for your property (items that are not permanently attached to the building) in the bar.  BPP coverage includes liquor stock, tables, chairs, glassware, entertainment (video games, juke boxes, lottery machines, pool tables, dart boards, karaoke machines, TV’s, stereo system, registers, computers, etc.).  If there is an incident (i.e. fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) that causes damage to your “Contents”, wouldn’t it be nice to know you had compensation for replacement or repair?   What about the physical bar itself (where patrons belly up), the built-in shelves, walk-in refrigerator, etc…is this covered in Business Personal Property?  It may not be; make sure to ask so you aren’t surprised in the event of a claim.

Non-Owned Auto: What if an employee runs out of limes mid-shift, drives his/her car to the store (on behalf of the bar) and gets in an accident?  The bar may be responsible for damages caused; Non-Owned Auto provides coverage when staff makes deliveries on behalf of the business. 

Employee Theft Coverage: If I was a bar owner, I’d be most worried about employee theft.   Bars are still very much a cash business.  Somehow money may not make its way into the cash register.  Property theft, credit card fraud, computer fraud, forgery, etc.  are also covered.  Ask about the coverage limits for Employee Theft on the policy.

Einhorn Insurance recognizes that bars are a special risk; we ask the right questions to find out the specifics of each bar and recommend the appropriate coverages.  Don’t get caught with holes in your policy.

Call Einhorn Insurance today for great rates for California Bar insurance or California Tavern insurance at 858-336-4644, visit or email

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