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Booster Seat Law Effective 1/1/12

If you have children, make sure to pay attention to the new booster seat law.  It requires all children under 8 years old (or less than 4’9” tall) to be restrained in a booster seat in the backseat of the vehicle.  The law used to require children under 6 years old (or less than 60 pounds) to be in a booster seat. 

Sobriety Checkpoint & DUI Violation Effective 1/1/12

If you don’t have a valid drivers license and are at a sobriety checkpoint, the police are not allowed to impound a vehicle. 

If a person is convicted of an alcohol-related violation aka “wet reckless”, they can apply for a restricted license early if meeting all the conditions required (i.e. installing an ignition-interlock system).

New Vehicle Purchase Effective 7/1/12

If you buy a new car, the dealer must register the vehicle electronically with the DMV.  The dealer can charge $80 for the electronic filing or $65 to process it manually.

A vehicle’s license fee (VLF) is calculated as a percentage of the value of the vehicle.  The registration fee increased from $31 to $43 on 7/1; this amount is added to the VLF.  These extra funds will raise money to pay for DMV operations.

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