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As a high profile individual or someone in the media, your liability exposure is much greater than the “average” person. umbrella policy for celebrity


A Personal Umbrella Policy provides you extra coverage (over and above your home, car, boat, etc liability limits).  Umbrella Policies are the ultimate in insurance asset protection.  They start at $1,000,000 and can go up into the millions.


Our Umbrella Policy is designed for high profile and famous individuals such as:

–       Professional Entertainers

–       Actors and Actresses

–       Professional Athletes and Sports Figures

–       Local Radio Personalities

–       TV Personalities

–       Writers, Producers, Directors for Television and Movies

–       Best Selling Authors

–       Musicians (rock, pop, country, rap, etc…)

–       Individuals Appointed or Elected as a Federal or State Political Figures

–       Reality Television Stars

–       Anyone else with instant recognition
If you are an individual that fits into one or more of the above categories, we STRONGLY encourage you to have an Umbrella Policy.  


Without an Umbrella policy, you may have to pay out of pocket for any additional compensation.  This can cause a lot of stress, drain you financially and be a waste of time.  With an Umbrella Policy, your insurance company handles everything for you.  


Why Contact Einhorn Insurance for a Personal Umbrella Policy?

  1. While, most insurance companies only allow a person to be listed on an Umbrella Policy, our policies allow the individual, estate, trust or LLC to be the named insured on the policy.  Even the cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, mopeds and snowmobiles you drive can be held in your corporation’s name and still be covered by the Umbrella Policy.
  2. If you have a youthful driver in your household with tickets, accidents or points on their record, we can cover them under the Umbrella Policy.
  3. Drivers with tickets, accidents, points on your record and/or DUIs are acceptable.
  4. Our Umbrella Policies cover additional residences such as vacation homes, income properties, rental properties, vacant land and farms.
  5. Additional coverage for Yachts, Boats, Jet Skis and other “toys” is also available.


When Would A Famous Person or High Profile Individual Need an Umbrella Policy?

Below are a few examples when your Umbrella Policy would step in to provide additional coverage.


–       You are having a party, and someone slips and falls.  You are responsible for medical and legal expenses.

–       You are in an “at fault” car accident.  You physically injure the people you hit and total several cars.  You are responsible for medical expenses, legal expenses and lost wages while the injured people are recovering.  You must also have coverage for the vehicles and property you damage.  One of our clients hit a fire truck causing $175,000 in damage.  Their car insurance limits were exhausted and their Umbrella policy stepped in and covered the rest of the damage.

–       Your dog bites someone (not a household resident) or knocks someone over causing medical damage and legal expenses.


If you are a person that can be instantly recognized or easily “googled,” the lay person automatically assumes you are rich.  Whether this is or is not the case, protect yourself, your family and your assets with a Personal Umbrella Policy.


For more information, contact Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 or email us at  We are very discreet and all client information is completely confidential.


Our agency services California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.