High Brush Home Insurance California Fair Plan

Brush Home Insurance California Fair PlanEinhorn Insurance Offers High Brush Home Insurance  California Fair Plan.

Property owners, who’ve been loyal insurance policy holders for years, are now being dropped by their home insurance carrier for living in a California wildfire or high brush area.

If you have been sent a non-renewal notice or your home insurance rates have gone thru the roof, Einhorn Insurance can help. The task of finding insurance for your property, even if located in a high brush or wildfire area, doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ll do everything in our power to find homes near brush or fire areas adequate coverage so you don’t have to settle with force placed insurance (insurance provided by your mortgage company which is very expensive).

Why are you being dropped when there hasn’t been a fire in your area?

To avoid future claims, insurance carriers have been looking at more fire potential factors than they did previously. They are designating more areas throughout California as “too high of a risk” to insure and are dropping loyal customers.

For example, for homes in high fire risk brush areas, insurance companies look at:

– How easy is it for a fire truck to reach your home? If your home is not easy to access or can’t be seen from a public street, you may be categorized as an “ineligible” risk.

– Is your home located in an area with certain wind patterns?

– How many feet is your home from a fire hydrant?

– Have there been wildfires in your area?

– How far is a RESPONDING fire station? Volunteer stations don’t count.

– The slope and elevation of your property.

– Your roof type.

– Overgrown vegetation around your home and distance to brush.

– Your Fireline score. The ISO looks at the amount and density of brush surrounding your property as well as the slope and ease of accessibility of your home.

– Your PPC or Public Protection Classification based on a scale of 1-10 (10 = very high brush area). The PPC measures your home’s distance to a fire hydrant and fire station.

At Einhorn Insurance, we do our best to place you with an insurance carrier that offers comprehensive coverage in one policy. Unfortunately this is not always an option. Fortunately, we have a great alternative; The California Fair Plan.

Einhorn Insurance is a broker of the California Fair Plan (CFP). The CFP is an excellent option when you’ve been declined by other carriers.

The Fair Plan covers your property if damaged by fire, smoke, wind, hail, riot, vehicles, aircraft and explosion. Because of its limitations, a majority of our clients purchase a Wrap Around or DIC (differences in conditions) policy. The DIC policy provides coverage for theft, burglary, bursting of pipes, and liability (if someone gets hurt at your home).

If you don’t have a DIC policy and you are burglarized, or your home flooded because a pipe burst, or you had a guest slip and fall in your home….YOU WILL NOT BE COVERED!

The combination of the CFP and DIC policy offers property owners in California high brush areas the type of comprehensive coverage they’d get from a big name insurance company.

We understand your frustration with finding the right home insurance, especially if you are trying to close escrow. Let Einhorn Insurance help.

If you are trying to close escrow, we’ll work directly with your lender and escrow officer so you can check insurance off your “to do” list.

For more information, please visit https://einhorninsurance.com/wildfire-insurance/ and click the GET A QUOTE button. This is the fastest way for us to respond.

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