California High Brush Home Insurance

The last day of summer may have been September 22, but try telling that to California Wildfires.   Fire season is now all year long; not just between the months of June to September.  high brush home insurance


Wildfires have made it difficult for homeowners to obtain insurance.  If you live in a wildfire area, Einhorn Insurance specialized in California high brush home and fire insurance.   We are here to help you find home insurance when your property is located in a brush hazard zone.


With millions of dollars paid out in fire losses, insurance carriers continuously update their area mapping which categorizes geographic locations into insurable vs. non-insurable areas.   If your property is insurable, but located in a higher risk zone, then your rates may skyrocket (depending on the degree of potential fire exposure).  These maps are based on several variables including hillsides, canyons, topography, slopes, geography and distance to brush (also known as fuel).   As insurance carriers update their fire hazard maps, it’s common to be with the same company for years and suddenly be dropped because you now live in a high brush area as a result of their new guidelines.


As California  fires continue to strike, we strongly recommend you evaluate your home insurance and make sure you are properly covered.  It’s also a good idea to update your home inventory check list so all your personal property is accounted for.  A great way to do this is to walk around your house with a digital camera or phone and take a video of all your items.  Once the video is complete, email it to yourself.  This way, if your phone or the video becomes damaged in a fire, you can always access your email from anywhere.


In addition to taking a video or photos, it’s also a good idea to scan and email receipts of all major purchases.


Wildfires can flare up and cause massive damage in minutes and forever change lives.  It’s so important to prepare yourself now for future fires to come.


If you’re a San Diego homeowner in a hazardous brush zone and purchase a home insurance policy with Einhorn Insurance, we’ll donate a lunch in your honor to your responding fire station.  Einhorn Insurance supports the men and women that risk their lives daily to keep our homes, families and communities safe.


We understand your frustration with finding the right home insurance, especially if you are trying to close escrow.  Our agency handles fire, home, condo, HO-6 (walls-in), landlord and dwelling insurance for dozens of escrow closings each month.  We’ll work directly with your lender and escrow officer so you can check insurance off your “to do” list.


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