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High Brush Insurance for Closing Escrow

High Brush Insurance for Closing Escrow

You’ve spent weeks, maybe months looking for “the one,” and you finally find it! Ahhh, the perfect property. You are completely pre-approved for a loan and have locked in at a great rate. Escrow is moving forward, the inspection is complete and then BAM…you hit a...
Brush Area Insurance

Brush Area Insurance

California wildfires can happen at any time. If you live in an area that is prone to fires, Einhorn Insurance can assist you with Brush Area Insurance. Is Brush Area Insurance different than home insurance? No. By obtaining a brush area insurance policy, this also...

Condo Vacation Rental Insurance

Einhorn Insurance provides condo vacation rental insurance in California. Whether your condo is rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, our agency can assist you with 1 policy that allows you to stay in the unit for part of the year, while you rent out the condo...

Home Insurance After A Dog Bite Claim

Home Insurance After A Dog Bite Claim Has your dog has bit or injured a person or animal and you’ve had to file an insurance claim?  Were you dropped by your home insurance carrier?  If so, Einhorn Insurance is here to help you obtain home insurance after a dog...
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