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Landlord Condo Insurance In California

Einhorn Insurance offers competitively priced landlord condo insurance policies in California (also known as Landlord HO6 Insurance).  Policies usually start around $30/mo.   As rents in California keep creeping up, more and more people are purchasing condos and townhomes as income properties.  When you are renting out your condo or townhome, you need a landlord […]

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fire zone insurance

High Brush Home Insurance Alternative in California

As California weather warms up, the potential for wild fires becomes more of a concern, especially to insurance companies. Within the past few years, the unexpected rise of California Wildfires has hit the pockets of insurance companies hard. When this happens, insurance carriers become less profitable and either drop “undesirable risks” or jack up rates. […]

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Pet Evacuation Plans for Natural Disasters

  With the recent Santa Ana Wildfire conditions in Southern California and Superstorm Sandy, I felt it was a good idea to discuss how important it is to have a pet evacuation plan.     Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, brush fires, hurricanes and tsunamis come at the most unexpected times.  As a pet […]

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California High Brush Home Insurance

The last day of summer may have been September 22, but try telling that to California Wildfires.   Fire season is now all year long; not just between the months of June to September.    Wildfires have made it difficult for homeowners to obtain insurance.  If you live in a wildfire area, Einhorn Insurance specialized in […]

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