Dog Liability Insurance in Kentucky

pit bull friendly insurance Einhorn Insurance is here to provide you with Canine and Dog Liability Insurance in Kentucky.

We are aware that certain Kentucky cities, such as The City of Newport and the City of Auburn, require dog owners to carry a minimum amount of dog liability insurance. 


This Kentucky dog insurance may be a requirement due to your dog’s breed (regardless if the dog has a bite history) or if your dog has been deemed dangerous, potentially dangerous and/or aggressive.


As a dog owner, you are responsible for the actions of your 4-legged family member including bodily injury or harm to other people or their animals.  In the event your dog hurts someone, you may have to pay for medical bills, pain, suffering and lost wages (if the person was unable to work because of the injury your dog caused).  If your dog hurts another dog or animal, you may be responsible for veterinary bills, burial expenses or the cost of a new animal.


Kentucky dog owners are also responsible for damage to other people’s property or personal belongings. 


Kentucky dog liability insurance can kick in if your dog causes bodily harm to others or their property.


Don’t assume your Kentucky homeowners or renters insurance policy includes coverage for your dog(s).  Many policies list specific breeds that are not covered in the EXCLUSIONS section of your policy.


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