Cannabis Dispensary and Medical Marijuana Store Insurance in California


If you are looking for liability insurance for your cannabis store or marijuana dispensary in California, you’ve come to the right place.  We offer several policy options allowing you to have either a comprehensive policy or a policy with only the necessary coverage to satisfy your landlord.


Our policies are tailored towards the medical marijuana retail store owner and provide great coverage, affordable rates and flexible payment plans.  Einhorn Insurance can have an insurance estimate for your California cannabis dispensary in about 2 days.


We offer dispensaries:

–       General Liability Coverage

–       Product Liability Coverage: Coverage if you are sued by a customer that becomes ill from eating an edible purchased at your store.

–       Employee Dishonesty Coverage*

–       Medical Marijuana Dispensary Workers Comp Insurance to help pay for employee injuries while at work.

–       Coverage for Loss of Income

–       Computer and Business Personal Property Coverage

–       Equipment Breakdown Coverage*

–       Money and Securities Coverage*

–       Glass Coverage (for broken windows)

–       Property Insurance and Business Property Coverage

–       Tenant Improvements for all the money you put into building out your location

–       Business Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Coverage if you deliver an/or transport you medical marijuana or related cannabis products.

 *Coverages are optional


If you are in the process of getting your Medical Marijuana Store opened, there are several things you will want to consider in regards to insuring your location:

–       Will you need coverage for business personal property such as computers, registers, furniture, display cases, etc?

–       How much coverage will you need for your supplies/inventory, cannabis, edibles and other marijuana related products?

–       What percentage of your inventory is going to be displayed for customers?

–       Are you going to be renting a location that is ready to go or are you going to have to spend money to build out your space (tenant improvements)? Do you want coverage for these improvements?

–       What type of security measures do you plan on having? Security doors? An Intercom system? Metal detectors? Cameras inside and outside the store? A monitored alarm system? Armed or unarmed security guards? 

–       Will you have weapons on the premises?

–       Will you have a safe?  If so, how much will it weigh? What is its fire rating and will it be bolted to the ground?

–       Will you have a grow room?

–       Will you offer a delivery service or transport your medical marijuana and/or supplies?

–       Will you be offering services which complement the dispensing of cannabis such as massage, acupuncture, selling herbal remedies, etc…?


All of the above questions need to be taken into consideration when purchasing cannabis and medical marijuana store insurance in California.


Call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 for liability insurance for your California cannabis store or medical marijuana dispensary.


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